Quality Service For Any Need

From printing your boarding pas to sending mail, booking transportation and finding a power cord for your laptop, Q Center has you covered. As an all-inclusive venue, we give you services to fulfill your needs and help your focus to stay on learning and having fun.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some activities and amenities may be closed temporarily at Q Center and in the local area. Please consult Q Center staff for questions about resources and amenities available.

Business Center

Stop by during your event and get all your business need fulfilled. From booking transportation to printing, mailing, technology check-out and more. Open daily in D Building, Level 1. Look to receive a package during your stay? Package pick-up fees do apply based on package size and weight starting at $7.

Travel Transportation

Getting to and from Q Center is easy, even if you don’t own a car. First, check with your group or online portal before booking any transportation, for you may have special or pre-arranged free transportation available, all you need to do is ask. However, in some cases you will need to arrange for a pick up with our preferred transportation partnership. Please click link A1limousine.com to set up a time for departure. It’s that easy.

Guest Services

Whether staying overnight or staying for the day, our Guest Services team can answer your questions 24/7. Located in the Welcome Center or by dialing 0 on your guest room phone, connect with our specialists to ask about your reservation, confirm event information, ask a question and much more.

Feel At Home… With All The Perks!

Not ready for sleep? That’s OK. Get together in one of Q Center’s “collaboration areas” and catch up with colleagues. Grab a workout. Or take a stroll along the Fox River Trail.
When you stay at Q Center, you have access to a multitude of services, including:

Frank’s Gift Shop featuring Souvenirs, Snacks, Toiletries and More

A 4,500-Square-Foot Fitness Center Featuring Yoga and Training Classes

Complimentary Self-Service Laundry

Free Internet Kiosks with Printers

A Private Meditation/Prayer Room in the Welcome Center

On-Site Business Center for Printing, Faxing, Mailing, Equipment, and More